Monday, June 07, 2010

6/7/2009 Landscape languishing

It's tough wrapping up the last bits of this project; the landscaper has new jobs and nothing we have left to do is any fun anymore.

Still, we have to let the kids out there -- it is our yard still! One way or another, they'll find a place to dig. I think the way Katrina stakes her space and surrounds herself and digs in is absolutely adorable. She'll also play like this on her own for hours, with no intervention at all (except for me to remove a pestering brother or two).

We don't exactly have an area designated for digging, but it's sort of pointless too. Anything diggable will be dug anyway.

Dave and I are going to have to be on the landscapers every day this week -- finish UP! You might not be done, but we are!


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