Sunday, June 27, 2010

6/27/2010 The Window

One of countless remodeling mistakes we made was forgetting to order a window in the stairwell with obscured glass. It faces our neighbors' bedroom, it's not a nice view, and neither we nor our neighbors want to see each other through this window.

But, there are ways around this, such as a film that you apply after the fact. I'd gone to Lowe's and bought a kit, set up the project in the stairwell garden window, and then....nothing. Partly since it required coordination with Dave, partly because I thought it needed a day when the sun wasn't beating down on the window, and partly because it was just a huge pain in the ass, it just hadn't happened.

All the materials were waiting patiently on the shelf in the stairwell, ready for the project to be executed -- for well over a year.

But this was the weekend. I was tired of this project weighing on me every time I went up and down the stairs. I started it yesterday, ran out of film and had to go back to Lowe's for more. I took just Julian with me, transforming a draining errand into a delightful outing together, and he became my helper.

Finally, our neighbors don't have to see us walking up or down our stairs from their house. Not clearly, anyway.

I added some to the top panes of the kitchen window too. I wish I didn't have to do that, but I really am tired of seeing their curtains and the nasty 70s-pattern in the stucco.

So much else didn't happen today. I psyched myself up for a swim this morning, but was foiled by a swim meet occupying the pool. I just couldn't get over that -- it's rare I can't get myself motivated to go running, but, darnit, I was in the mood to swim! I have so much preparing and checking to do for our trip next week (did I fix that luggage carrier, will the big suitcase's broken zipper hold for one more trip, where IS that carseat carrier etc), but none of that happened either.

But at least I can walk up my stairs without the pressure of that project.


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