Sunday, August 01, 2010

8/1/2010 Three Moms

I had a nice time catching up with friends at a Las Madres picnic today. I've been so out of touch, now that I've been working for 6 months. But these things always remind me what friendship and community is about.

One thing that was fun was trying get an update for this series of photos. Today's shot was taken in the same park, but a different spot.

September 2006. Left to right: Stef, Noemi, Betsy. Our babies arrived Nov.9, Oct.5, and Nov.15, respectively, all full-term.

June 2007, about 10 months later.

June 2009, two years from the last photo. We missed 2008 somehow. Our babies are 2-1/2 now.

August 2010. Another 14 months and now age 4 is coming up. It wasn't clear we'd be able to carry them for the photo -- this will be the last time!

Yay, later Sonia sent me this photo she took with her super-duper-uber good camera.

After all the park play, we got home and had another playdate. We don't have a lot, but the ones we do have are all arranged by Dave! A coworker has a son who's one year and grade older than Gabriel who visits in the summer, and they've gotten to be friends. That was nice.

Back to it tomorrow -- and then some. Day camps mean lots of preparing their things, lunch-making, a big break in the usual dropoff/pickup routine. I thought I'd be more excited about it, but I'm semi-dreading it. Especially after a weekend filled with lots of fun and great kid-time.


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