Tuesday, August 03, 2010

8/3/2010 Chin-bonk

"I think he needs stitches," said the Splash Camp director. I didn't know how to answer; the camp director sounded so young and unsure itself. The camp director continued, "He's sitting next to me, he isn't crying and it's not bleeding...but I think he needs to be seen."

I called our pediatricians, whose phone-answering medical assistant wouldn't tell me anything until I'd gotten to Julian and had a chance to look myself. As if I'm any expert. I had to wait almost 10 minutes on hold when I did get to Julian and see his wound (and agreed with the young camp director). Then it took 2 minutes to drive to a nearby urgent care center.

He'd jumped into the pool in a strange way, trying to do one of his spin-things as he jumped. Apparently he'd rotated just enough so that if clearing the pool edge was in question, his chin would be the first to get it. And did. So, urgent care clinic, here we come.

Band-aid in the waiting area.

The doc (P.A.) stitches him up, after slathering a numbing agent across the wound and then injecting it with Novacaine.

Six in all, though the doc used small stitches and very thin suture thread so as to minimize facial scarring.

Julian never cried or complained through the whole thing, quite the trooper! My guess is that the pain and discomfort comes later.

Someone had to break the impasse -- so far, we've had no broken bones, no casts, not even any stitches! It had to happen sooner or later.


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Louise said...

Ouch! Poor Julian! I hope he feels better soon. He'll have a cool scar to impress his friends with at school this year, though.