Monday, August 16, 2010

8/16/2010 The 6-week clock

It starts today.

For months at work I've been putting off my management, saying that I can't do much until the software package I'm supposed to test and deploy is installed and ready to go. Then I need 6 weeks to test it and figure out how to set it up. That clock started Monday.

I've worked enough years to know that it doesn't matter what I encounter, what setbacks or possible great new ideas come up, or just how bad this package is -- on Sept. 30th, one way or another, I must deliver.

The gun barrel is cold and steely against my temple, piercing into my consciousness at all levels and at all times. In the grand scheme, this software package means absolutely nothing by itself.

But my success at this project means future freedom and latitude, and extraordinary personal growth and accomplishment at pulling something together out of a disjointed dysfunctional set of pieces. I've been handed a pile of scrap, and I need to weld it into art. My challenge isn't so much technical as it is making the best of very little.

So forgive the brevity and mundanity of my upcoming posts, but it's an investment in the future.


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