Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/18/2010 School Night

Big day!

I took the day off work today and took the boys to the city, as our last-day-before-school hurrah. Our primary mission was to see the Pampanito, a WWII submarine, but we ended up adding a visit to another WWII craft on the same pier, a Liberty ship named the Jeremiah O'Brien.

Sub in the foreground, Liberty ship in the distance.

The big cargo boat was almost more fun than the submarine -- certainly more spaces and views than in a submarine.

Including a view of the submarine!

The 3" gun at the back (aft?) of the boat was pretty cool. Not toddler-territory to get to.

There were numerous decks and levels (that's the Golden Gate Bridge in the background).

Including a 4-story engine room, with ladders and catwalks all the way down to the bottom of the boat. It was like something out of The Poseidon Adventure.

We saw all the San Francisco cliches -- the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf...truth be told, I hated the crowds and traffic and tourist-trapness of the area. I've never liked it around the piers, except for the boats themselves.

After a ridiculously long service at Denny's for a late emergency lunch, we were so late that we drove straight to pick up Katrina at preschool. Then to the boys' school to find out teachers and rooms for tomorrow.

Gabriel keeps belly-aching about school starting tomorrow, and is trying to commiserate with Julian, unsuccessfully: "Isn't the first day of school BOOOOORING?" Julian is trapped between wanting to be "in" with his older brother, but really not minding at all about school starting.

Caught a video of the boys doing their usual messing around. This is sort of cute here, but lemme tell you, it gets SERIOUSLY old when it's at dinner, in stores, while driving, getting ready to leave for somewhere, bedtime, in the kitchen, in the office...everywhere, constantly.

This particular moment is benign, but they often turn to real fighting, with pain and injury and greatly escalated fist-swinging, without a clear turning point. Even Katrina, heard in the background, thought it had turned hostile -- she was only a minute behind, as it inevitably did.

A friend who has two girls assured me yesterday that girls are violent together too. Really, they do this too -- and the drama? I guess that's just kids -- though not all end up with bloody noses from it.

Busy busy night tonight...lunches, filling out CDC forms, making sure everyone has everything ready. And, back to the strict bedtime: 7:30 upstairs, lights off 8:00. I made it by 8:13....we're out of practice (Dave left for St.Louis tonight so I was on my own).

More photos of our outing today later, I had a ton to do tonight and I'm plum outta time!


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