Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/22/2010 Super Cute

Katrina in her "Super Cute" shirt from Bonne Maman -- she loves it. I went down unusually early for a Sunday to work on some cinnamon rolls, and Katrina joined me. She's great company, chatting happily and asking questions and always being so happy about the answer.

Then she wanted to make scrambled eggs with me. OK, she's not too young! I took her through every step, up to the mixing, which she did a very good job of.

That was a nice start to the day. I just love baking and cooking with kids.

Then we went to Kiddie World to check out playstructures -- can we fit one in our grownup yard now? Sort of. They're not cheap though, so a little due diligence with competitors is called for.


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MommaWriter said...

Your kids are lucky that you enjoy cooking with them. I have very, very low tolerance for the lack of efficiency that comes with teaching mine to cook...but maybe that's a reflection of my lack of passion for cooking in general.