Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/21/2010 WFH

A new acronym: WFH. Working From Home. I like OOO better -- Out Of Office.

I stayed home today, with no regrets, with a low-energy but overall healthy Julian. He has sniffles but his temp never returned, and he rested and read a lot today. This let me work....and do some other things that desperately needed attention.

I swear, as soon as I have a chance to tackle the building pile of ToDos, I'm stunned by how large and how smelly that pile has gotten. I took care of a few things today that if I hadn't done today, I'd have been in serious time trouble (relating mostly to the Sept. 30th deadline for completely Dad's Medicaid application).

Some of that pile included a stock-up trip to Target. Having Julian with me turns a drudgerous chore into quality time with my son, incredibly. He liked that he can finally see over the carts now, and was very helpful pushing the cart around.

What a wonderful, delightful, funny child when his brother isn't around to compete with for the Most Obnoxious Son award.

I was determined not just to get absolutely necessary things done though. In addition to phone calls made, letters written and sent, packages put together and mailed, emails sent, store items returned and bills paid, I also went to a framing store to finally, finally put some artwork together for our bare walls. Actually, I should say, to add to a building pile of artwork to put up on the walls -- like most things around here, it just hasn't happened. I was really impressed with our friend Paul and Elisabeth's house decoration last weekend -- while I'm not quite as enamored with cat art as they are, I do appreciate actually having things on the walls. It's long overdue for us.

Amidst all these home errands, most of the day was actually spent working. That WFH thing. I did a lot of work actually -- in fact it kept me from really getting ahead on "homework," but alas, deadlines loom regardless.

Tomorrow, no WFH or OOO, it's back to normal.


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