Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24/2010 Silly photos

Getting home today, the sun was in a funny position a behind this flax plant. Perched on a small boulder in front of it, with its spiky purple leaves seeming to emanate from behind the subject, made for a fun goofy photo.


(Gabriel declined.)

A decent evening as ours go, but that still means a lot of correcting, repeating, warning, eventually yelling and screaming (theirs first then ours). Tonight was Julian's turn. The smallest thing causes him to screech at the top of his lungs, so as a consequence he has to sit outside until he's quiet for 5 minutes, but of course that only marks the beginning of the conflict escalation. I swear I think age 2 was his best year.

After dinner, Gabriel and Katrina helped me make peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle, something I made for a friend's birthday yesterday and gave away, so the kids wanted some too. I love making things with my new stand mixer; it makes even the simplest recipe so much easier.

But even more, I love making things with the kids. Peanut-butter cookies that need rolling in sugar and a chocolate kiss in the middle are great fun with them. And no privilege is greater than getting to operate my stand mixer.

I just wish Julian had been with us making cookies instead of upstairs crying in his room for being kicked out after the 29th infraction (hurting Katrina's hand after being told numerous times to move away from her). I wish it weren't that way; moments enjoying all three together are so rare and so coveted.

I'd rather think about this Julian.

I love him so much, our little oddball. He doesn't have Gabriel's powerful personality or Katrina's charms, and his drama and tendency toward victimhood doesn't wear well in this literal and technical household. All this and in the "middle child" position. If there's a different one in the family, it's Julian. Most of the time that's an asset. Today wasn't most of the time unfortunately, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.


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