Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/29/2010 Imagination

Yesterday the Director of Katrina's preschool commented at how much "imagination" she has. This is a comment I hear again and again, from numerous sources. I have no idea what that means, based on my previous experience with kids' imaginations, which is pretty much none. But from what it seems to others, Katrina's being a new character every day qualifies.

It is truly adorable, that today she's a bird and tomorrow a butterfly, and that I have to flap my Mommy Bird wings with her on our way out the door. This is the sort of silliness I thought I'd dread as a parent, but it's totally charming.

So why is this so foreign to me? Julian will go along with role-playing if someone else starts it, but I've never seem him initiate. Gabriel -- not ever once. I can't begin to imagine him showing up in a costume with a new name and mythical quest.

My nephew Aidan is the polar opposite, always inventing whole worlds and complex relationships between people and animals and things. That sort of imaginative play-life isn't in Gabriel's DNA, and Julian's only shows up when prompted. So no wonder I can't tell if Katrina's just being a normal kid or if she really is imaginative. I'm told she is, and that's just great. If only I knew what to do with that, though I guess I'm doing OK so far flapping my Mommy Butterfly wings on cue.

Katrina found a toy that had been put away, slated for giveaway, in the garage. Miss Amanda did up her ponytails in little buns today, so cute.

Julian got his cast off today, though he still has a brace for a few weeks. He's complaining that it hurts, but it's hard to separate fact from fiction. This is where he's best at using his imagination -- he imagines he'll get more attention the more he says it hurts, but he loses credibility when he cries "Ow!" when we lightly place a finger on the uninjured arm.

And now it's time to imagine that it's 9pm (it's 11pm) and that I'm going to dream happily away for 10 hours and wake up surrounded by fresh flowers and a fragrant breeze and lay there for half an hour gradually welcoming the world of the awake.


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