Saturday, October 02, 2010

10/2/2010 Shopping

There are few things I'd rather do on weekends -- or ever -- than shop, but today it was a necessary evil.

And not so bad -- I took Katrina to a toy store to pick out a birthday present for a classmate who's turning 4 one day before Katrina does. I figured it'd make picking something for her birthday easy -- whatever she picks for her friend and fawns over, I could surprise her with.

That plan failed completely when she instead played with much younger toys that were all boy-sorts of things: a parking garage, a rocket ship, a train set. Not that I mind getting her boy toys at all, but we already have so many.

As we were leaving, suddenly she cried out "Ooh Mommy, LOOK!" and rushed toward a display I hadn't seen yet,of jewelry and music boxes. Perfect! Which one would she pick up?

But no, instead, there was yet another baby toy with wheels that happened to be parked in front of the music box display, and she went right to it and pushed it around and laughed about the "snapping" alligators.

You can see the clothes she picks for herself aren't particularly princess-y either. Not that I need to push the girly-girl thing on her, but when it comes to birthday shopping, it'd open up a lot of options.

In the end, I decided to try to find her a stuffed horse that stands up -- now that's a girl thing I'm all over!

When we got home, she was a bird again.

Our family room sofa situation is awful and worsening. The awful ancient slipcover is disintegrating, and I don't want to spend one cent on a new one. It's really really really time for a new couch there. Usually emergency shopping is for more milk, not major pieces of furniture, but this afternoon, I went emergency-shopping for a couch.

I took the boys to a huge furniture store I've been to before, that has vintage pinball machines that work. They barely turned their heads while I worked on the finer points of legs, fabrics and arm styles.

(And didn't order anything, decisions tomorrow.)

And tonight, I ordered Halloween costumes. Turns out, has much the same things as on eBay -- but right away, for sometimes less money, and without the uncertainty of winning an auction. The boys both want to be Star Wars characters: Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

Katrina's already settled on being a clown, with a costume we already have (actually, a $7 eBay find that Julian used when he was 4) -- but my heart stopped when Gabriel said, "Wouldn't it be great if Katrina was Princess Leia?" Oh my GOSH, the cute factor would be over the top -- and that's one Princess I could stand!

But having Halloween costumes settled is one accomplishment I'm not messing with. I'm done shopping.


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