Sunday, October 03, 2010

9/3/2010 Birthday Party

I took Katrina to a birthday party today for a classmate whose birthday is one day before Katrina's. Jules and Katrina play together a fair amount at school, and I really like Jules' mom.

Katrina is characteristically hesitant at these things at first, but then she was ALL over it! It brought a lump to my throat to see her laughing and smiling and jumping constantly. I noticed she didn't interact directly with any other kid, but was joining in the fun anyway. It's so satisfying as a parent to see your child competely happy and having a great time.

Grabbing the edge of the parachute and jumping up and down flapping it brought peals of laughter from the whole group.

Birthday girl in the middle!

Make those balls jump!

Then get as silly as possible with your own balls.

This party was at an inconvenient time tonight, but SO worth it. I just love seeing Katrina participating and playing and shouting and laughing and singing and just being a regular delightful kid.


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