Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10/5/2010 Birthday Girl!

Katrina was very excited about her birthday today! I had planned long ago to do a little mini-party at her preschool. I was ready promptly at 3:05, as instructed by Miss Amanda (Katrina's teacher, and previously Julian's teacher), with mini-carrot cakes. What a happy, proud girl, enjoying being the center of attention.

Nothing like sharing some birthday carrot cake with your friends (and very pregnant teacher, she's due with her 2nd boy in just a few weeks).

I brought Katrina home, where we called Bonne Maman. I'm really starting to hate my speakerphone, it's so hard to hear anyone, let alone the high-pitched little voice of a giggling 4-year-old. But we tried.

I'm glad we opened this present with Bonne Maman on the phone, because we ran out of time in the evening to open other presents, so I'm glad she got one. And she loved it!

Couldn't be persuaded to take off the brown polka-dot corduroy pants though.

Later in the evening, cake #2 (bought). Have to have a celebration with the family!

Or part of it. Julian had been sent to his room for persistent rudeness -- and he knew that birthday cake was at stake but wouldn't let up -- and my tummy wasn't up to it tonight (very odd for me). But she still giggled her way through the Happy Birthday song, and even sang it herself too.

The rest of the day has nothing good at all to say, so I'm glad Katrina and her excitement about her birthday was there to rescue it.

This morning, Katrina said, "It's my birthday! Now I'm going to be FIVE!"


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