Monday, October 04, 2010

10/4/2010 Photo prep

It's a big day tomorrow, and someone is very excited!! (That would be me of course.)

In preparation for a Facebook profile photo change, I did a little photo session tonight, of the "hold your arm out and hope for the best" sort, with Katrina. She was happily willing and thought the whole thing was very funny, so these joyful faces are genuinie.

I thought I'd decided on this last one to use for the FB profile, but seeing them in thumbnail, I think I like the first one better. Katrina looks adorable in every photo, but closeups and profiles for the pushing-50 set....ugh...just as well not seen.

I could look at her sweet face all day long though. This is the New Katrina: cheerful, funny, joyful, full of bright lively chatter, happy about everything.

Today my boss's boss came down on my immediate boss because of me, partly because I "declined" (that's a Microsoft Outlook term) a proposed meeting for tomorrow afternoon. The fact that I'd blocked out tomorrow afternoon on my work calendar weeks ago is of no consequence -- why fret about silly logistical details like that? Why indeed, if things like prior scheduled commitments are of any concern, then naturally the reason I didn't answer his call at my desk this morning (another reason to come down on my hapless boss) is of no concern either. The fact that I was already on a conference call and Webex, at my desk, with engineers in Boston and Denver is of no matter. Why let reality get in the way?

This sort of thing makes me dig my heels in even more about keeping my outside-work commitments. The irrationality is so high that now I absolutely will not consider missing passing cupcakes (actually mini-carrot muffins) out to Katrina's class and singing Happy Birthday at 3:05 tomorrow. It's on my calendar, and more importantly, it's on hers.


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