Monday, October 11, 2010

10/11/2010 The Bear and the Fish

Gabriel finished his homework and reading at the CDC today, and was happy to have some playtime at home.

To my surprise, he spent it playing piano. Just before dinner, he bounced in to tell me excitedly that he'd finished a song -- not only the music, but the lyrics too. He couldn't wait to show me, and did so after dinner.

The tune is a blues one that he's known, and the lyrics are based on the childhood taunt "Jack and Ja-ane sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." But still, I'm proud of him that he put this together and practiced it -- and performed the singing too! Even when I went through my own piano obsessions as a kid, I never ever composed anything or sang to it. (Frankly I don't think his future lies in vocals but I saw no reason to point that out.)

Interestingly, he turned on the piano's metronome while playing. "That's my drummer," he explained matter-of-factly. Well, lucky kid -- so happens he has an uncle who's a drummer. It is SO time for these guys to jam together. "Jam? What's that?" asked Gabriel. Wow, it really is time.


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