Saturday, October 16, 2010

10/16/2010 Birthday Dinner

Some friends of Dave's started a tradition of taking him to Benihana for his birthday in college. I've been so-so about maintaining that tradition, but I wasn't going to miss it this year -- finally, the kids are old enough that it's not a major pain to bring them, or have to get a sitter. We've taken them to Benihana one other time, and they all said they loved it, and got a kick out of the chef's tricks.

Tonight my goal also was to give Dave a birthday card -- but not just any card. A birthday card that tells him that his gift this year is a weekend performance driving school, at a track north of San Francisco. Two friends have done this before, and are signed up this year too, but Dave is always reluctant to leave me with the kids on my own for the weekend. So I gave him a BIG shove, in the form of a registration for the event and a hotel reservation -- all he needs is to pre-tech his car, make sure he's got a helmet they'll accept, and then he can blast away around the track! (Oh yeah and decide if his tires will cut it or if it's time for new tires.)

Opening his card before dinner.

The egg rooster and onion volcano are always a big hit.

The boys were so-so on eating the actual food tonight, but they were very excited about ice cream afterward. I wasn't excited about staying at the restaurant any longer than we had to, so Dave took the boys to Safeway to buy ice cream, after dropping me and Katrina off at home where we got ready. She set the table and had everything all ready for ice cream and sat patiently waiting for the guys to get home with the goods!

Our birthday evening summed up in cards.

Dave's actual 44th birthday is Tuesday Oct. 19th, but this was a fine way to kick it off!


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