Monday, October 18, 2010

10/18/2010 late to write

Spent much of the night writing ... sound like me? Just wish it were for things other than the increasingly ugly work situation. It weighs on me too much. Since when did I care so much about work? Maybe because of what it keeps me from.

Now I can take care of thank-yous for Katrina's party, submit a recipe for Collins' first cookbook, help Julian collect donations for a walk-a-thon, fill out a survey for Collins CDC, get my Dad's Medicare Rx address straightened out, fill out forms confirming Dad's income for the V.A., figure out why my Nebcom company got charged almost $400 in taxes....that's the tip of the iceberg and it's making me sink!


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Louise said...

I would be happy to contribute to Julian's walk-a-thon. If you feel it is important for him to ask people himself, a short printed note of request would be fine, and you could deliver it at the wedding if you want.

Should I bring my checkbook? What are typical donation amounts?