Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/10/2010 Country Studies

Once again, got home and got right to work on Julian's report on China. I can't believe how much work this is, and this with a really cooperative kid (if slow).

So I was dismayed to see that Gabriel has another book report due now too. Two, sort of. One is a "3rd grade passport," a book he has to fill out with information about his family origins. The other is a "Country Study Book Report," in which he had to write a fair amount about the country of his choice.

In addition to the regular report writing on his country, part of the project is to do one of the following: Make a clothespin doll, make a shoebox diorama, write a summary of a traditional story, learn a cultural song and perform it, or find a recipe to make. This would be an additional nightmare, except that the checked selection is the recipe option! I can't tell if Gabriel chose it or if his teacher did. Thank goodness -- I'd much rather make a recipe together than decorate a clothespin doll! Now I just need to steer him toward a country with a cuisine I have a prayer of making.

Today I'm just bedraggled instead of drop-dead steamroller exhausted. But between how tired I've been and how much work the boys' projects have been (and will be), the smidgling energy I put into hockey classes and T-ball is a far-away distant wondrous memory.


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