Friday, November 12, 2010

11/12/2010 Countries

These "country" projects the boys have really got me thinking. At the same time that I think they impose too much work on parents, I wish I could do the projects to the fullest with them. And there will be more to come, especially when Katrina gets to school, and I must think now about shaping my life and career (or not) toward that. I only get 10 more years of Gabriel (the last 6 of which he won't want anything to do with me), so now is the time to do these things with them. I'm not going to quit work tomorrow, but especially considering the extraordinary situation at work, I've got to start opening my mind to serious, and perhaps not-so-serious, changes.

I just realized that our two next-door neighbors are from each of the boys' countries of study (China and Canada).

My sister and her family are moving tomorrow -- I'm thinking about you all! Hope it goes well. It's hard, but you WILL survive an exhausting day!


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