Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/14/2010 Return to the BMX Park

Dave's always been the one to take the boys to the BMX park, since it is a vehicle-related thing after all. But now the boys are pretty comfortable there, and there's not a whole lot for a parent to do other than stand around and watch. Dave will ride his own bike a little, but he's not into the wall hills or death-defying drops into pits that attract the teen crowd. Nor is his mountain bike well-suited to it.

But I've always liked going. I put on running shoes, and follow the boys trotting along, taking pictures, watching the other kids.

One thing for sure: this place is a boys' bastion. Occasionally, as today, there's a girl there being encouraged by Dad, but she's usually pretty timid or held back by having worn her sparkly silver princess slippers (as happened today). If there is a boys' place, this is it.

I read about these little training bikes, ones with no pedals or brakes, for a shocking price of $150. There were three of them there today, and the little kids did pretty well!

Julian mostly stayed in the first zone. He's confident there, but despite his more natural balance than Gabriel, Gabriel's courage takes him to all the zones and now, all the bumps, in the park. Of course, there's plenty of fun to be had in the first zone anyway.

Then I chased around getting photos of Gabriel, which he just loves. He'll call from way the heck across the course, "READY MOM!! HERE I COO-OOME!!!" and then show off his best run. Aww, I love that. My boy showing off for me.

I really look forward to when they're big enough to get mountain bikes with gears -- the possibilities that will open up to us will be huge!!! I haven't ridden a bicycle in years (and my spin class yesterday morning doesn't count), but it's something the whole family will love. We do live in California after all, the birthplace of mountain biking. I can't wait.

Meantime, it's awfully fun chasing after my sons on these nice confined hills.


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