Friday, December 03, 2010

12/3/2010 Report cards

First report cards of the year!

Definitely not a shining moment for the Doudna boys. Julian earned the first "less than proficient" we've ever seen -- in, of course, "listening." All over his report are flags for finishing work on time, following instructions, working neatly, listening in class. Overall he's doing fine, talking in class notwithstanding, and his teacher continues to describe him as curious and very interested in science and how things work. And that he's helpful and caring -- now that's nice to hear!

At least Julian cares about the report card -- usually when we try to correct his extremely sloppy writing in homework, he retorts, "MY TEACHER CAN READ IT!!" This time, I showed him where his teacher said he needs to practice writing every day, and he lost his snotty attitude.

Gabriel didn't even get a report card because of a lost library book. The school knows this is THE way to get parents' attention: pay up or no GRADES! Gabriel claims he returned the book (I think he thinks he did but I wouldn't be surprised if he spaced it), but I'm annoyed he never made it to the library this week to look for it or talk to the librarian. I told him he has one more chance on Monday, or we will pay for the book ($18) and he will repay us with his meager income. That said, I'm not exactly anticipating a bunch of "6"s (levels are 1-6, with 6="exceptional proficiency") for Gabriel either.

I know better than to pit my children against each other, but I can't help but to hope for a clean behavior-issue-free report card when Katrina's in school.


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MommaWriter said...

1-6...huh. Somehow, that seems like a more useful measure than N, S-, S, S+, E- and E...even though that's the same number of things. Maybe I'm just psycho, but I never really believe that S is truly satisfactory, even if that's what it stands for!