Saturday, December 04, 2010

12/4/2010 Snow stuff

Today I went through all our ski/snow stuff, taking inventory, seeing what still fits, what's missing, what never really worked during our one trip.

Partly this was motivated by the astounding generosity of a new friend, a mom I just met through the Las Madres 2006 group. She and her husband travelled and camped and skiied together a lot before kids, and have done a fair amount of camping and travelling since, considering that her oldest is Katrina's age and her youngest is only 18 months.

Anyway, they're going on a 6-week trip in a few days and she offered to loan me all her ski stuff -- and she's 5'2"! Her shoe size is 7 but there's no reason not to try her boots with socks anyway; I can always rent 6-1/2 boots if hers are too big. Since they're leaving soon, if I was going to borrow her stuff, today was the day.

So I brought Julian with me (a strategic choice, as it allowed Dave a pleasant breakfast out with Gabriel and Katrina), and went to my friend's house and looked through all her gear. I can't believe how much I didn't know about how things are supposed to fit together.

When I got home, I pulled out our boxes of snow stuff and bags of hand-me downs (thank you!) dumped it all into a huge pile in the living room. There was no going back now on plowing through it all, but it could wait.

I spent about an hour in the office checking out some ideas....could I bring the kids to the snow before our ski trip in January? Just an overnight, or even a long drive-up-drive-back one-dayer, for sledding or something. Looks possible, but I'll have to make more calls tomorrow. Cool.

Then I went back to the living room to find the funniest scene. Katrina had discovered the pile of clothes and was going to town. A little girl's dress-up paradise!!

She was so cute, she was having a ball.

My friend had showed me a lot about how gear works these days (ski socks? Who knew?), and much has been outgrown or didn't work well last year, or we rented. And since now we'll be transporting one pair of skis, we have to figure that out too. I have some shopping to do!

But we'll be ready for the white stuff this time -- especially Katrina!


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