Monday, January 17, 2011

1/17/2011 Home sick

I stayed home from work today, due to nighttime coughing and the resulting sleep deprivation. As coughs go, this is trivial, but it's still an annoying lingering cough. And now Katrina has a cough too.

We all better be perfect by Wednesday!

Our ski trip comes during the last weekend we have for a book report of Gabriel's, so I've had him work on it two days now. This one is a sports book report, and he picked bobsledding. The writing is the easy part (to get him to do, mostly, though he does complain and resist a lot), but this report also includes a crafting project. D-R-A-G. Maybe I'll just do as others do and just do it for him.

I saw my doctor today to get some industrial-strength cough medicine, and he admonished me again for taking on "too much." I told him the #1 thing I want to drop from my life is the craft projects our school makes parents do. He actually offered to write a "doctor's note" to get me out of it, because of the stress it places on the family. Wow, getting out of schoolwork with a doctor's note -- I felt like a kid again! (I graciously declined; this is something we have to deal with as ...well, grownups. Ew.)


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