Monday, January 24, 2011

1/24/2011 Workin' hard

Back to reality!

Today I primed Gabriel for some real work after school: he has a book report due Friday and a "Star Of The Week" presentation due Monday, both of which we're behind on because of going away last weekend. And of course, regular homework.

He took care of the homework part by leaving it at school today, undone. Great.

So, you can catch up on your book report, I told him. He'd already written up the content, from 4 straight days of working on it before we left for our trip, so all he had to do was write up the final version. Later we'll do the crafting portion, but to me the most important part is the writing content. I put him in the office to minimize distraction -- half my trouble getting the boys to do their homework is their irresistable adorable little sister who wants to play.

But he had other ideas.

Fortunately, dessert is enough of an incentive that after dinner I was able to get him to do the final writeup, practice the presentation twice, and plan out the crafting part, including finding a drawing for him to copy. This is a "sports report" for which he picked bobsledding, his "favorite sport" (?!?!?!!!). Even more fortunately, he's psyched to do his "Star Of The Week" project because he wants it to be all about his skiing.

Rescued by snow sports!


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