Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/10/11 "Pokie"

Tonight as I was facing the usual hurdle of herding kids out of the car, a longtime neighbor walked by with her dog. Since we've lived here, we've seen this neighbor walk by with her dog, but not always the same dog, since her dogs are always old. This dog looked pretty old too.

Katrina shrieked when she saw the dog -- but not for the old reason of being terrified, but for the new reason that she couldn't get out of her seatbelt quickly enough to go say hello to the dog.

Our kind neighbor, an elderly lady herself, walked up our driveway to introduce her -- get this -- pit-bull/dalmation mix dog, a 12-year-old female named Pokie. "That's because of the polka dots!" our neighbor explained. The dog is white with faint black spots, but her body and head structure clearly say pit bull.

Katrina and Gabriel were all over this mellow, friendly dog with only one ear (she came from a rescue agency and apparently had had such a severe ear infection that the ear was lost). Katrina delighted our neighbor with comments like, "I LOVE this dog, Mommy!" "This is my favorite dog EVER!" Our neighbor remembered Katrina freaking out a year ago at this same dog, so was happy to see her fawning all over the dog instead. Gabriel too was very focused and tender toward the dog, but Julian kept his distance. He's always been nervous around dogs.

We've been thinking about pets for a while. I seriously considered getting two rats, and that's still an option, but Dave mentioned he might tolerate a cat now (allergies). Can we fit a cat into our lives? Still, I am a dog person through and through, always have been. There's no way we can get a dog while I'm working, but the tug came back seeing how much the kids -- even Julian -- loved being around it.

Another reason to add to the growing list of reasons to change our lives.


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