Monday, February 07, 2011

2/7/2011 "Pesky Julian"

Today Gabriel came home with letters from every classmate, in response to his "Star Of The Week." After each kid's presentation, all classmates write a letter to the Star, telling them what they thought was interesting about his presentation.

Nearly every kid said they thought "Pesty" (oft cited as 'Pesky') Julian was a very funny name. Yet nearly half the kids also added that they thought it was not nice to say that about your brother!!

Gabriel's tales of his skiing exploits was the second most popular comment. Everyone admired his claimed ability to zoom down the mountain, but more notable was that about 5 kids said something about his falling a lot. In fact, Gabriel only mentioned in passing that he'd crashed a few times the first time he went down an icy blue-level slope, but that really made an impression. One kid even said, "you must have cried a lot." I don't think these kids know him very well!

Julian is quite the celebrity in the 3rd grade now.


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