Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15/2010 The Morning List

I'll never know what possessed him, but tonight Julian wrote a list of each task that must occur in the morning before leaving for school.

One of these tasks doesn't exist (2. wash hands, though I guess that's implied in the morning pee). A few were skipped (between 6 and 7 should be "put knapsack on porch").

The remaining jobs are never-ending torture for we parents. Each step has to be pushed through, reminded, bugged, nagged, told again, and again, and again, each subsequent time with a raised voice.

I must qualify: Boys only -- Katrina throws little fits from time to time, but overall moves from one job to the next happily ("time to get my LUNCH!!") and even when she's having a fit she mostly goes through the steps, if noisily. The boys...? It takes a tractor to pull them through.

Yet clearly, they know what to do.

O, would that the Morn be this simple.


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