Sunday, March 20, 2011

3/20/2011 Waste of a day

Another wonderful rainy day -- perfect to stay inside and catch up on things around the office (taxes, scrapbooking, blogging, taxes...).

Instead, I slept late for the first time in weeks, made breakfast, and then got Julian gathered to go to Kung Fu. He's really been a pain lately. Anything we ask him to do turns into a major ordeal, having to repeat ourselves or having him answer in a screaming shout: "WHAAAAAAAAAT!" So getting him out of the house was a good thing.

When we got home, despite my sleep-in this morning, I was overwhelmed with intense fatigue. I couldn't even stand for long without starting to rock and feel like I was going to keel over. Somehow I managed to stabilize the boys by setting Julian up with some activity downstairs, and Gabriel was absorbed in Bey Blades upstairs, and Katrina is never a problem if her brothers aren't pestering her, and took a long nap while Dave did yardwork. Yet I'm still groggy and lethargic and out of it. It feels like a migraine without the intense pain (yet) because of all the sleep, but all the other symptoms are there.

The IRS won't accept that as an excuse though. I've got to get my business taxes, our personal taxes, and Dad's taxes done, migraine symptoms or not. But not today, apparently.


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