Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/19/2011 Rainy skate afternoon

Gabriel's first soccer game was rained out, so that left the afternoon free to do...something! My friend Cindy had suggested ice-skating, and just mere mention of it is enough for me.

The boys were so-so on the idea at first, but were fine on the ice. Katrina was very excited to go, but typical of her, as soon as we got out there, she was reluctant and fearful. I kept thinking back to one of her ski instructors saying, "She has such a good attitude!" Not now!

Katrina insisted on hugging the wall at first, then later insisted on holding my hand. After we'd inched our way around the rink once, suddenly she got it and her commands shifted: "Hold my hand! Hold my hand! Hold my hand! Stop holding my hand!" She did great once she lost the initial resistance. All kids respond to a pretend race, like, "OK, you know the rule: No going faster than Mom!" and then she giggles and tries to go faster and I say, "Heeeyyyyy! You're going to make me cry!" and she laughs even more.

Skating "with" her friends Emily and Dylan was tough though. Everyone's at their own pace and has to hold Mom's hand, and every kid has their own challenges. I was happy to see that Katrina could get back up on her own, but then Dylan zoomed right by us, totally getting it. Kinda hard to skate with your friends when your skills are so diverse!

Julian ran into a friend from the CDC there (a 3rd-grade girl) and pretty much dogged her the whole time, stopping by Katrina often, to her vocal disapproval.

Gabriel skated around and pestered Julian mostly, though stopped often to check on Katrina and help her. The only times I got to try skating without someone hanging on me was when Gabriel helped her.

A photo of all three was tough, let alone one of all three standing up.

More rain predicted tomorrow. This makes me want to go to the mountains and ski! Well, skating is a reasonable compromise until ski season starts again next year.


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