Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/15/2011 Reality returns

I'm in a weird in-between zone today. My face and lips are chapped, my body is wrung out like a dishtowel from some of the biggest single pushes of physical effort I've made in my life yesterday, and my mind is still in the snow world. Yet kids went to school today and I went to work today (though I was worthless).

This is some serious fatigue. Monday's snow conditions were described by instructors -- people who know better, not just me -- as awful. Wet, heavy, deep. I didn't mind because I'm still so new to this, but I could certainly tell how difficult it was to ski through. No careful refining of skills here -- pushing through deep ruts left by other skiiers and snowboardings was grueling work.

In the afternoon, the precipitation varied moment-by-moment between stinging rain, wet snow, and fluffy-looking-but-still-wet snow. I was sitting on the lift getting rained on and thinking that if I were anywhere else, I'd think this sucked. Once I was moving, I dealt with it and tried to learn from it.

The snow was so deep and heavy on ungroomed runs that "slush" as I know it isn't the right term, it was far too deep and inconsistent. It made unsteep parts really slow: Katrina's instructor said he was pulling her *down* the bunny hill -- that means it's really time for a bigger lift and steeper slopes. So she got off the bunny hill Monday!

Meantime, on steeper terrain, the deep deep ruts and mounds meant that I just couldn't make my new turning skills work. I knew they're supposed to apply everywhere, but I couldn't put it together, and fell right back to beginner survival positions that I'd just spent a lot of time and effort shaking off.

The full writeup will come later this week when I've recovered from this full-body effort called chugging through Sierra Cement.

Gabriel's soccer practice tomorrow will wrest me back to reality; meantime I'm going to continue glowing about an overall awesome ski trip, challenges and all!


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