Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/16/2011 Soccer practice

A rude awakening to the real world again!

My head is still in the mountains, but my body is in spring-approaching-summer. Today I left work on the dot at 4:30 to get Gabriel to soccer practice by 5:00, but we were still 10 minutes late. Seems other boy-parents feel the same way; there were only 4 other boys there, but a fieldful of (I think) middle-school girls. The girls all seem SO much bigger, stronger and faster than the boys!

I still don't like being late though. The coach also works full-time, and he can't be late. The least we can do is arrive on time. Friday, I leave work at 4:20.

I only stayed for a few minutes, but was pleased to see Gabriel having to sprint across the field several times. After his first practice last week (the one that we weren't ready for), he was REALLY REALLY tired. That made him mellow and calm and much less likely to get into one of his out-of-control giggly fits or punch Julian.

I should have done this a long time ago!

Last week's soccer practice really made me think again that I just can't balance this home-work-life thing. Today's events at work made me think that again.

I found out today I'm going to get formally dinged for offering an idea to an engineering VP outside of Mr Horrible's control. The VP loved the idea (nothing brilliant, just connecting some obvious dots), and didn't heed my suggestion that he make it his own, as he is a genuine guy who felt that I should receive the credit. But I knew I was risking serious heat for these trangressions of collaboration and cooperation and openness, and it's here now. Never has a lab-testing network engineering job been so controversial.

Who needs this sh*t? I'm so outta there.

But why should *I* retreat from an otherwise good situation, when I'm not the one who's incompetent and universally disliked? I won't back down from a fight, but I still wish I could just get my work done.

Maybe Gabriel has something there in his plea to move to Truckee.


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