Friday, April 22, 2011

4/22/2011 Shoes

If there's ONE lesson you'd think I'd have learned by now as a mother of boys, it's to keep ahead of their shoes.

But, once again, we left on a trip with shoes with holes in them. Some holes are tolerable, but some holes turn into portals for sand, gravel, mud and any number of undesirable elements. I vowed when we returned from Death Valley that the boys' 2-month-old shoes would go straight into the garbage.

I love I ordered 8 (eight!) pairs of shoes yesterday, and they all arrived today. Standard shipping!

I got them both one pair of shoes in their current size, two in their next size, and one in the size after that. Yes, its come to that!

But at least we're finally stocked and not on the verge of a shoe crisis as usual.

I will bet money that I'll need to buy more shoes before years' end, but at least I have a few guilt-free months.


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