Saturday, April 23, 2011

4/23/2011 Big Bunny Fun Run!

Ah, the 5K that started it all! I'll always have a fondness for this low-key
community affair.

I felt compelled to run this race again, it's a sentimental thing now. I think this was the 4th I've run in, plus I've walked it once or twice.

Once the siren went off to start the race, Gabriel zoomed by me, but he had to slow down to check his shoes and because his legs hurt. He'd cramped up in soccer practice the day before, and we stretched carefully before the race, but his legs were still bothering him. He could walk, so I told him I'd see him at the end.

I kept a pretty steady and moderate pace and started to pass people. I knew my age range was very competitive -- I'd love to actually compete with them! Mostly I was trying to see if I could get in a decent time, despite the slow start. I think I came in just under 26 minutes.

I saw Gabriel sprinting across the finish, after he'd found the strength to run again. He came in sometime in the 27s. Good for him!

But he was hurting afterward.

He said it was just a sprained ankle, then a muscle pull, then other things that can't be treated, or understood.

We stuck around for the award ceremonies, which for the first time didn't matter since Gabriel wasn't going to win anything. His age division of boys 9-12 is huge; he can't compete with 12-year-olds. Maybe maybe next year if he trains for the race and doesn't pull a muscle or whatever he did. Seven people in the overall Top 10 were men in the age range 40-49. Pretty good!

I'd chatted with an acquaintance Cathy, who works as an aide for hearing-impaired kids for our district, and she knows Gabriel from 2nd grade (he had a classmate who was severely hearing impaired and she had her suspicions about Gabriel). She won the 40-49 division for women with a time in the 23s. Hmmm....could I do that?

I ran into 4 moms I know from Las Madres, and a few others I recognize from the Y, so it really was a fun way to spend the morning.

Yay Easter!


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