Thursday, June 30, 2011

6/30/11 Beach Day

I haven't been blogging this week, since my sister and niece and nephew and my kids have been too busy together and I've been too tired at night.

So this too will be brief: we had a great day at the beach today! We took the kids to the same place we'd been to a few weeks ago for Jake's birthday. This is a darling beach, easy to get to, pretty and very convenient.

As usual, the first half-hour was spent in the water, jumping the waves.

But the water is cold here. The bigger kids retreated to shore and spent most of their time digging in a hole and playing in the sand. Katrina spent the entire time running around in the water. It got really cold, but she didn't quit!

After about 2-1/2 hours, Steph and I got tired of being cold, and just as the chilly wind died down, we gathered the kids to go home. It seemed longer! They'd all had a great time.

The kids entertained themselves the whole way home singing in the minivan. Even Katrina joined in?! (She was pretty out of key though...!).

Aidan, Remi and Julian continued this on our front lawn at home too. SO cute.

Some colorful bee cookies were the incentive for this shot after dinner. This one's for you, Mom!

I'm still blue about the freak rainstorm forcing us to bail on an otherwise perfect camping introduction, but today was so great it almost much makes up for it!


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