Friday, July 01, 2011

7/1/2011 Summer Family Visit

We had such a nice visit with East Coast cousins!! There's a whole photo book waiting to happen, but here's a rundown of each day.

Saturday, Laura and Ryan were here and played with all five kids all day. It was great! More aunts! More uncles!

Sunday morning, Gabriel and I ran in the Summer Scamper 5K. In the afternoon, we set up my new 4-man tent in the backyard in preparation for our camping overnight later in the week.

Monday, we took the kids to Rinconada pool in Palo Alto. This was a huge hit! They had a great time in this shallow, diverse and fun pool.

(Heads left to right: Gabriel, Aidan, Julian, Remi, Katrina)

Tuesday morning we packed up the minivan -- and not easily -- for our much-anticipated campout night. We were delighted to find the campsite spacious and the entire campground empty, though the clouds and sprinkles were threatening as we were setting up and making lunch.

We went on a short waterfalls hike, handily accessible right from the campground. It was sprinkling on and off.

By the time we got back from our hike, it was really raining. I drove out to get cell service and called Dave to get a weather report, but it was clear from the skies that we were in for a night and morning of rain from a freak storm. With great regret, we packed up camp, had dinner at a restaurant in Morgan Hill and went home.

Wednesday was recovery day, and we fulfilled our promise that we'd roast marshmallows, with a makeshift firepit from leftover bricks in the backyard.

Thursday we went to the beach! A chilly wind drove us grownups home a little early, though it's never truly warm on a Northern California beach. I assured my sister she wouldn't need a swimsuit.

Friday, today, we went to Castle Rock State Park and did a lot of climbing. The kids loved this.

And tonight after dinner, I took my sister and niece and nephew to the airport for them to be reunited with their father and dog. But the joy of the memory far outweighs the sadness of seeing our family go. And we're determined family-wide camping will happen again!!


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