Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/20/2011 Rainbow Princess

This afternoon Katrina dressed up as a "Rainbow Princess -- no wait, ROSIE Princess -- no, no, no, I mean Rainbow Princess."

I'm not big on the whole princess thing, but this is cute!

This morning, Julian had a belt test for Kung Fu. With Dave still out of town, I handled this by dropping Julian off first to get him there in time, then driving home to get the other two if they wanted. Katrina still wasn't ready, but Gabriel wanted to watch Julian's belt test, so I told Gabriel he could walk there himself.

After Julian's belt test, the boys walked home themselves, though I had Katrina in the car.

Dave was supposed to get home in the early evening, but his motorcycle died on a fairly remote road on his way back from Susanville. Fortunately, it didn't die on the much much more remote roads he'd been on earlier that day! Still, he hitched a ride 9 miles to the nearest town, no cell service, and called me from a pay phone. From there, I called around and found a "Motorcycles Only" service, that drove 100 miles into the mountains to get him. He picked up Dave around 5pm and drove him to Yuba City, where I coordinated a U-Haul pickup, just before they closed at 6:30pm. Dave loaded his bike into a U-Haul truck and drove straight home, just got here at 9:30pm. Whew, what a day!


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