Sunday, August 21, 2011

8/21/2011 Race thru the redwoods

Dave and I ran Race Thru the Redwoods today!

This is a 10K race in a lovely state park in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I was proud of Dave, he's not a runner and was only trained to 1 mile on a treadmill, yet he ran 80% of it and came in at 1:11:48, which is about a 11-1/2 minutes per mile.

My time was 58:49, and I was 7th in my age group (45-49) out of a field of 45. Ironically, I had a competitive age group -- had I been in the 35-39 or the 40-44 age group, my time would have put me in the top 5! I placed 179 overall out of 700.

This was a beautiful course, with a very steep uphill for about half a mile. I insisted on running the whole uphill, though most runners walked it -- then passed me again on the downhills! Still, the whole experience was tons of fun and I can't wait to do it again next year.


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MamaB said...

I almost ran it too. I waited a day too long and they closed the registration. Instead I did a 5k at Coyote point and beat my last 5k time by 1min.