Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8/23/11 Homework again

Tonight, Julian had to write one sentence that starts with each letter in the phrase "School Days," like, S - School is a great place to learn history. This is always hard for kids to do, and especially hard when they're being distracted by a cute little sister, and when they're very distractable to begin with.

Julian sat in the kitchen while I made dinner, so I could talk to him, give him ideas, keep him on target, and spell words for him (if he uses a dictionary it takes him forever). But Katrina kept playing with him, talking to him, starting games -- I told her again and again to leave him alone, but he just couldn't concentrate with her there.

Finally I had to kick her out, and she stormed out saying, "I'm NEVER going to help you cook AGAIN, Mom!"

This is one of the consequences of homework that I absolutely hate and resent. She's right. Well, not that she'll never help me, but that tonight, we couldn't just be together and I couldn't give her little jobs like fetching or stirring things, because I had to be helping Julian with his homework. What a loss.


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