Monday, August 22, 2011

8/22/2011 The New Boss

Whoo boy, do I have some re-learning to do. Today I had my first gaffe with the new boss, first day. GOOD JOB!

The new boss scheduled a meeting for tomorrow morning, but I have an appointment so I can't make the meeting -- but I hadn't put the appointment in my online calendar, OOPS.

You know why? My old boss, Mr. Horrible, never bothered to check peoples' calendars and just scheduled meetings whenever he felt like it. So we've all gotten out of the habit of religiously updating our calendars because it never mattered. (Mr H also almost always rescheduled the meeting several times and was almost always late.)

I'm going to have to get back into some normal habits -- I'm not used to having a boss who knows how to use a calendar -- let alone understands technical things and can actually evaluate my work. Major mindshift, and not a moment too soon!


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