Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/13/2011 New computer

Yayy!!! I'm typing to you from my new Dell Latitude laptop. It's not set up at all, it'll take weeks to get everything transferred over and my whole picky environment set up, but this is a huge start. I was long overdue to upgrade my computer, but that was the easy part -- I'm also long overdue to upgrade the way I do things. For instance, an address book in an ancient program in a proprietary format? Get OVER it, everyone uses Google Contacts!

Homework was amazingly easy tonight. Gabriel got in trouble immediately and was sent to his room to do his homework. Julian had already gotten a little ahead on his language work, then finished his week's worth of math.

Katrina was the real killer though: she blew through her first week's worth of homework in under an hour, with no guidance, help or encouragement, insisting on reading all the instructions herself, and remaining completely undistracted by her brothers. She announced, "I TOASTED it!"

In fairness, all three kids had no trouble with kinder homework; they'd been well-prepared in preschool, but I think it's safe to say she's the most enthusiastic.

I know I can't count on this breeze every night, but for tonight, I'll take it!


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