Monday, September 19, 2011

9/19/2011 Into the future

Apparently I was the last person in the world to know about "streaming" videos, something I still haven't done, but at least now know about. Just in time for NetFlix to announce that it was splitting up its DVD service (which we have) and its streaming service (which apparently we also have but have never used).

Today I made fine use of my first weekday of not earning money by spending a whole lot of it. This included a trip to Best Buy to check out cameras, and morphed into the purchase of a streaming-video device that can hook up to a TV. Right away the first challenge of matching lifestyle to technology and domestic geography presents itself: which TV do I hook this thing up to? That's obvious in households with a central entertainment area, but we don't really have one. I think it'll go in the living room, where the occasional kid-movie gets watched, and movies with guests get watched, but that's not where the bulk of TV-watching happens in this household. We're weird.

Another conundrum is setting up my brand-new Dell Latitude Windows 7 laptop -- because most of the work is in retrofitting old methods and devices to it. My email is almost set up, the very-very old-fashioned way with a local client like Eudora. And I'm beside myself that I was able to get my ancient -- and I do mean ancient: FOURTEEN years old! -- laser printer to work. I'm forever an HP printer fan, none else will do.

I hadn't planned to spend my valuable days "off" before starting a new job setting up my computing world, but it's just as well it happened now. I'd likely never have gotten around to it without a virus rendering my old WinXP tower computer unusable. Despite my clinging to Eudora and an old black-and-white laser printer, for the most part this has forced me to join the 21st century.

Maybe I'll even try streaming a movie tonight.


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Fill said...

damn eudora is pretty ancient. it's probably why your old computer was virus'd up the wazoo because POP mail downloads everything to your computer, even the attachments which contain the viruses. stick to webmail if you can.