Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/2011 Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman is going home tomorrow! We've had a terrific visit. Despite school getting in the way today, we've gotten to do a lot of things together.

The photos are all from the first day, but this is the sort of thing we occupy our time with.

Making strawberry lemonade.

Playing Gabriel's "Falling Fireballs" game.

Opening gifts. Real hits: Katrina got a dancing purple horse, Julian a book that has split flip-pages that make silly animals, and Gabriel a puzzle game.

Of course, I got my fair share of play too, especially when we cleaned out Los Gatos on our shopping spree.

Today I let Gabriel walk home from school by himself for the first time. He was pretty happy about that.

And with the promise of a bribe, I managed to get a willing shot of all 3 kids with their marvelous grandmother.

I've been enjoying my exodus from reality, but it's going to start coming back tomorrow after I take Bonne Maman to the airport!


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MommaWriter said...

Ugh. If only I could *get* my fourth grader to walk home on his own!