Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25/2011 Shopping spree!

It wasn't until we already had a bag packed full of pants from Banana Republic and a stack of shirts and dressings hanging in a fitting room at Title Nine that my Mom put her finger on it: "I haven't been on a shopping spree like this in years!" Sure enough, that's what we were on -- a full-blown haul. It's sort of necessary; I do need non-jean pants to wear to work, but it's also something of an indulgence because now I'm sure I'll be working for a while and won't have a whole lot of time, or desire, to shop. And what fun to do with your mom! Funny, when you have your own daughter, the thing heard most often from other people is what fun it will be to shop with her. Not for me, mother-daughter shopping was the last thing I thought of. But after today, I'm rethinking that! 9/25/2011

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