Tuesday, October 04, 2011

10/4/2011 Breaking the Rules

Gabriel is determined to "create energy," and wrote this report today about how.

I love the last sentence: "The loop of motion and magentism will keep it going forever, therefore breaking the law of Conservation of Energy. Cool, huh?" I love his brashness and confidence.

Julian, on the other hand, is determined to break every rule in the school handbook. This is the message we received from the principal today.

Mr. and Mrs. Doudna, Julian was sent to the office today for a discipline problem. The incident occurred during today's PE session. I asked Julian what happened and he told me: "I punched someone because I was thinking about motorcycle gangs, the bad guys that wear black suits. You have to punch them, so I punched someone. The second time I tried, I missed."

I'm writing to inform you that I have warned Julian that if he hurts a student again, he will be suspended from school for 2 days. I am not allowing him back for PE today. He will join his class when PE has finished. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Julian's teacher also had some choice words about how he refused to write a letter of apology to the child he'd hit. She's really really frustrated with him, he causes trouble every day and often makes it worse during his consequences.

This is so not what I need in my first week of a new job, and not what Dave needs getting pulled out of work to deal with this stuff. Gabriel's been great, and overall Katrina is too, but it only takes one at a time to cause no end of trouble. And this is where I really can't turn to other parents -- what do you do if your kid is suspended for 2 days?! We work full-time!! And being at home is a reward to him, and being home with him all day to punish him would be dreadful. Suspension will REALLY suck!


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