Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12/11 Office-free

Yay! Julian made it through Monday without being sent to the principal's office, or home. That's three whole days in a ROW! OH GOODY.

Tonight Julian's counselor wanted to see the kids interacting, so asked that we bring Gabriel and Katrina too. Then Dave and the counselor and I watched them play through the counseling room's one-way mirror. But she barely saw anything about how the boys interact, since there was a "Battleship" game there, and the boys had a great time playing together.

At home, I'm under a constant strain keeping them apart, like sprinting to put my body between theirs if they so much as pass each other in the hall, or giving them strict orders not to talk to or about each other, to get within 5 feet of each other and even not to look at each other, just so I can have a few minutes to change my clothes when we get home without a major fight breaking out.

The only inkling the counselor had of our real lives was when the boys ignored me when I instructed them to put away the Battleship game. I allowed them each one more turn (that's a nod to the "giving choices" thing), but then they carried on as though I was inaudible telling them "TIME to put the game away, NOW!"

A 2-week break is coming up -- anyone taking bets that Julian can keep out of trouble another 4 days?


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