Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/10/2011 Tree day!

Yesterday was Pajama Day at school!

And today was Christmas Tree Day at home. We went to our usual place in the mountains, mostly for the experience. We certainly don't save money or get a better tree by finding our own and cutting it down, but you can't beat the fun of running around in a christmas-tree forest.

I really, really, really like kids getting older. I had nothing to do with tree-handling logistics this year. Dave and Gabriel handled it entirely on their own, including the carrying.

(On a side note, Julian can make himself tuna now -- he skips sandwich part and eats it from a bowl without a sandwich -- but he can open and drain the can, break up the tuna and add mayonnaise and mix it up. Seeing him, it's obvious a kid his age should be able to do things like this, but somehow nowadays they don't. They should be doing SO much more than they do!)

Despite a rough morning and relentless, horrendous, egregious, extreme, persistent, nonstop LOUD fighting between the boys (it's really gotten bad), it was a nice afternoon and a much-needed outing. At a last-minute impulse, we even went out to dinner on the way back from getting the tree. It was such a great and welcome idea, it should have been the plan instead of a last-second "STOPPP!!"

We also had a very nice time this evening putting the tree up and putting lights on it. Decorations tomorrow, which Katrina is very excited about, and even more important: the TRAIN under the tree, which Gabriel is beside himself about.

It's hard for anyone to feel scroogy around these guys!


p.s. Happy Birthday to cousin Jason, who is 35 today!

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