Wednesday, December 07, 2011

12/7/2011 Coffee Night but... cheesecake. Something's really wrong with my jaw, and I can't chew or move my mouth properly. Unfortunately for my patient friends, it doesn't prevent me from talking, but I couldn't finish my cheesecake!! Now that's too much!! My doctor referred me to my dentist, with whom I have an appointment tomorrow.

WHAT a day. First, a call from a story producer at ABC News 20/20, who'd heard the NPR piece on tantrums. Mostly he was exploring to find out more about the family, and if is feasible for us to fly to NYC for a studio interview. Their angle is more along why people are posting tantrum videos to YouTube!! In any case, it was left open-ended, and if they want to pursue it, we should hear back in a few days. I'm excited about the idea, for no good reason -- why would I expose our shame on TV after radio?!

But I think it would be....well, fun. And I'm developing a very thick skin about the whole "you're horrible parents" tantrum thing.

My friends pointed out though that these reporters may not realize that our tantrumers are really on the extreme edge of tantruming. It's true; I read an article somewhere that said "most tantrums last 3-4 minutes long..." ?! MINUTES?! Katrina's tantrums lasted often up to an hour, they happened at least once a day, and went on for well over a year. Gabriel...his were way worse, and with a hitting problem in the mix. No wonder armchair Monday-morning-quarterback parents think from watching 30 seconds of our hell that all we'd have to do is "ignore" it.

Still, despite the chance to maybe be on TV, I was rattled from our blowout with Gabriel last night. That's way more serious stuff. Gabriel was fine this morning though. But Julian had had a bad day yesterday, with a note from the teacher about getting sent out of the classroom, and his complaining that it was all Gabriel's fault.

Today Dave and I had a follow-up meeting with the school district specialists about Gabriel's assessment and services that will result from that. But right before we left work, we got an email from the principal: Julian had been sent to the office by Gabriel's teacher, because Julian was pestering Gabriel while Gabriel was on line for music class!! Then Julian was disruptive to the secretaries in the office, not listening to them, and they had to call in the principal for help. Julian will be sent home next time this happens, and this is just SO not good! We can't be leaving work for this.

We just can't keep up. And how could our critics, with all this material??

We came home and started researching Catholic schools, and then boot camps, as something to threaten him with -- and carry out as necessary. But my friend Betsy gave me an even better idea: Confession. Well, and all the Catholic stuff around that, which I know nothing about, but I think it involves Sunday School. Hmm. Sunday School, reconciliation, confession, penance -- and actually, Julian might very well like the ritual and ceremony of church. I'm seriously going to think about it!

I never thought I'd say this in a million years, but I can't wait for my dentist appointment tomorrow.


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