Sunday, December 04, 2011

12/4/2011 Busy/Lazy weekend

For once, I actually did things with the kids yesterday. Saturdays are often a bust for me because I go running early in the morning, and that about does it for me -- keywords being "early" and "morning." But this Saturday, I had a good run (a long one, over 10 miles including the famously steep PG&E trail), and then actually did things the rest of the day before pooping out.

In addition to getting Julian to Kung Fu, I also took all 3 kids to the BMX park in the afternoon. It was an exceptionally glorious day, in the low 70s -- crisp and beautiful without being hot. This means the park was packed, mostly with teenage boys.

It's been a long, long time since the boys have been there, but the boys pretty much picked up where they'd left off.

Which means, Julian in Zone 1.

And Gabriel pretty much everywhere else.

Katrina was a horror, complaining constantly that I was walking too slowly, too fast, not keeping up with her, ahead of her, behind was nonstop nagging! She was a serious drag, and I put up with being scolded and criticized right up until it was time to put her bike away so I could retrieve her brothers.

Then I snapped and told her to go stand by a distanc post where she could wail and scream all she wanted, but I couldn't hear her. I got lots of dirty looks from dads on that one, but overall dads are way easier than moms on these things!

The best part was: the boys went from being hyper out-of-control to pretty mellow. Later, Dave took them to the Psychotronics Film Festival (lots of short old horror clips).

Sunday...lazy, lazy day. Didn't do much. And just to capitalize on that theme, they got to watch King Kong tonight!!


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