Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/2002 TEN!!

He's TEN today!!
All decade birthdays are exciting, but the first is really a big deal. The little-kid stuff (minus some obnoxious behavior and one teddy bear) is past, but the teenage stuff hasn't hit yet. I've been told many times that age 10 is the sweet spot, and so far, so true! Now is when the time flies, because the zits, long hair, sagging pants and bad attitudes aren't far off! These moments are much more to savor than when he was a baby.

I did a short year-by-year Facebook album too:
Gabriel growing up, year by year


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MommaWriter said...

Happy belated birthday, Gabriel! Gosh, only a couple more weeks and I'll have a 10-year-old of my own!