Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/2012 All About Me

Girls really are different from boys.

Katrina came home today with a poster template for her "All About Me" week. Each kid in the class does this, one kid per week, sort of like "Star of the Week" in the older grades.

This is the sort of project I dread, something that absolutely requires parent participation to walk them through it, pick and print pictures, battle them each step of the way to identify their favorites, and worse, get then to draw their favorite something. This turns into a multi-day and sometimes multi-week battle.

But Katrina was excited about her poster tempate, and set right to work on it the moment she got home. Next thing I knew, with absolutely NO discussion or intervention from me, it was DONE! Like, before dinner in one night?!

I think the expectation is that we'd print photos in the boxes, but she took it upon herself to draw and color her own. I can't believe it!! She finished a major project for a kindergartener in less time than it takes her brothers to grump their way through a single days' language assignment.

I am 5 years old -- My favorite color is hot pink

My favorite animal is horse -- My favorite food is ice cream

This is what I look like.

My family (I like the headless faceless adults, a la Charlie Brown)

Beach is my favorite place

When I grow up, I want to be police (take that, princesses!)

My favorite thing to do is swimming (not skiing?!

If I had one wish, I would wish for: horse (uh-oh, cringes my pocketbook)

Katrina did ask for help once, by asking me how old she'd be on Monday. But other than that, she was completely focused and plowed right through it, interrupting herself only to screech at one brother or another to leave her alone. She was outraged that her creation had no place in the dinner-area and that we insisted it stay safely away from food in the homework room.

But this is a great problem to have!


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